New Release
Ulrich Krieger - /RAW:ReSpace/

RAW is the first ever experimental noise metal saxophone solo album.
ReSpace is its dark ambient flip side.

(2016 XI Records - CD)

New Release
Ulrich Krieger - [Urban Dreamings]

This survey of saxophonist Ulrich Krieger's chamber music illuminates his ongoing penchant, as a composer, improviser, and interpreter, for probing the affinities between the rock and classical avant-gardes. Think Doom Metal meets Scelsi.
(2015 Mode Records mode282 - CD)
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New Release
Ulrich Krieger - Winters in the Abyss

A largscale work for three brass players in five movements. Inspired by deep ocean waters.
Brass doom music.

(2015 Pogus P21079-2 - CD)

Archive Recordings


A selection of my chamber music

A selection of my composed saxophone music

saxophone with electronics - remix and excerpts of an upcoming CD on XI

contrabass saxophone, 2 just intonation guitars, amplified percussion and sine waves, also available as CD from Sub Rosa.



Los Angeles

Three nights of electro acoustic saxophone

April 22: RAW:ReSpace

April 23: Cosmos & Quantum

April 24: Blood Oath, Experimental Metal

Basel, Reithalle

Ensemble Phoenix plays Metal Machine Music

May 21 and May 22

Köln, Kunststation Sankt Peter

Krieger plays Tenney and Krieger

June 9

Berlin, BKA

Ulrich Krieger with Boris Hegenbart and Zappi Diermaier

June 17