saxophone quartet


In 1999 intersax grew out of Ulrich Krieger’s long-term project 'a CAGE of saxophones'.
The original trio intersax formed by Ulrich Krieger, Tobias Rüger, and Reimar Volker became a permanent quartet with the addition of Martin Losert in 2001.

But intersax is not only a saxophone quartet, but the nucleus of a great variety of possible chamber music combinations with or without electronics.
intersax is interested in the musical no-mans-land apart from well-known styles and any mainstreams.
Unknown classics from the 20th century like Henry Cowell und Percy Grainger can be found in the intersax repertoire next to classical avantgardists like John Cage or experimental fringes of club and rock music.
intersax concerts go beyond the usual concert experience and create a new musical experience that fathoms new dimensions and soundworlds.
“Noise” supplements “Silence”, „dirty sounds“ complement „Just Intonation“
Several one-hour compositions take the willing listener into other sound worlds and spheres.